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Rick Gadziola. Lee McKenzie. Slide or Die. Todd Strasser. The Christian canon contains the story of the Fall when the first humans, Adam and Eve, are cast out of the Garden of Eden.

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Eve cannot resist eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge and so commits the first sin. She then tempts Adam to eat the fruit and share in her disgrace. She leaves him and turns to a life of evil, seducing men and murdering male children. The use of spells and magical objects to protect against the destructive power of wicked women has a long history in many cultures. Amulets created to protect baby boys from Lilith have been unearthed in Persia Iran , and in ancient Egypt protective spells ensured safety from malevolent female forces.

European history is punctuated by a series of witch-hunts where women accused of using magical powers to commit crime were tortured and killed to appease a terrified populace. Transgressive women have made many appearances in oral and written tales.

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Renee, Tejah, Michelle, Dru, Tiffany and Rhonda are the last of the many people that are caught up in this web of deception. Watch what happens when all these worlds collide into one. Cecelia Robinson brings the drama, and seals it with comedy in this outrageous tale of day to day living. She takes her craft to another level, while still having the down to earth appeal from her first novel, Memoirs of a Bitch. Suga La' Femme Fatale' Publishing.

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Yazar: Cecelia Robinson. Being both Puerto Rican and Dominican decent Erica Mena has a feisty personality and enough talent to take over the industry I am not a professional chef I just love to cook haven't taken any classes just put in a lot of hard work self-teachings and lots and lots of trial and error I might not use technical terms or professional techniques but what I do know is my food is flavorful and delicious Stormey has two sons with Knight and resides in Los Angeles.

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