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Love's acting ability has never been a question, but this performance is one of her best, while it is not Oscar worthy, she embraces the character and took a simple role and owned it. Marley Shelton gets throw in the mix as the "eye candy", her role as Brooke has been done before. Although she is a good actress, this part could be played by anyone. The same has to be said for Eric Balfour, who is supposed to be the "Big" man on campus. There is nothing great about his performance.

To add some comic spice, Danny Masterson and Jason Marsden play two strange teenagers trying to find that one special girl. Kathy Griffin has a small, but funny role. All of the acting is good. It could be worse, example Drive Me Crazy. The music only adds to the movie. All of the songs in some way find their place in the movie.

It's a story about wanting more, but not seeing what's right in front of you. Like the tagline say's, she has 24 hours to convince the guy of her dreams that she's the girl of his.

Did ancient Troy really exist? - Einav Zamir Dembin

It's a story for anyone who has been in love, a story about growing up, and a story about finding yourself and losing your head along the way. I've never been a huge fan of teen sexy comedies like this one, but I have to admit that it totally got my attention when it first came out. Sure, the situations are very similar if not identical to many Hughes' classics from the 80's but you can't help but feel the late 90's vibe.

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I mean, the music, the clothing, the vibe. The lack of the condom in the most important scene is displayed as a problem but be honest guys, who wouldn't like to be in the exact same situation?! Be honest! Also, the movie displays a battle of morality but it's something I wish would've happened to me back in the time. I mean, having a super sexy but shy love interest, plus having the chance to bang the hottest sexy slut of high school Enjoy and remember your funny moments at high school.

Where Men Won Glory

Don't watch this one otherwise you were a 90's pubert. Petey 10 December Brad's dream is coming true when he finds himself from Brooke's flat. But he runs into a problem when he realizes he doesn't have a condom. So off he goes to buy one.

Trojan horse: the real story behind the fake 'Islamic plot' to take over schools

But that's not the only problem he runs into. So will Brad's dream come true?

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  • Or will Leah's dream come true? Trojan War is a great teen movie with terrific actors. Will Friedle is amazing in the lead. He's blessed with comedic skills. That you could notice in this great teen show called Boy Meets World , where he played Eric Matthews. Jennifer Love Hewitt is both beautiful and talented gal, who has been in many things, including "Party of Five" , where Jen played Sarah Reeves. This movie isn't the most usual teen movie, even though the plot may sound like it. The word kafka-esque is mentioned in the plot keywords, which describes the movie pretty well.

    The journey Brad goes through is pretty surrealistic, like in a bad dream. That's what makes this movie pretty interesting.

    A Different Horse: Alternate Interpretations of the Trojan War

    This movie can be enjoyed not only by teens, but also those who feel like ones, like me. I turn 23 today and I liked this movie pretty much, probably more than I should admit. So why don't you give it a shot. There are 2 teenagers,a girl and a boy,best friends 'since like sperm',one in love with the other,the other in love with someone else It's about the everyday struggle of an ordinary teenager who falls in love with only the most beautiful girl in the school and who now has the chance to live his dream ignoring his best friend's suggestions.

    Brad Will Friedle is a dreamer punched in the face by reality,but in a comic way,in an attempt to make him choose the smartest way. But will Rational take the same road as Love? What will he choose? If you are a teenager or looking for a comedy with teenagers,choose this classic genre for it's actors,for it's brilliant comic situations and well planned plot,choose it to laugh your way back to those early days of your adolescence when all you worried about was how to express your love without being disappointed and mocked at SarahOl 22 February I find this movie to be fun.

    It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was fun, and quite enjoyable. I had some great laughs! Love Hewitt was great in it As always. And I liked the plot, it was cute and funny. This movie is definally not a waste of time. I would recommand it to anyone. I also loved the songs in this movie, I just recently found out the name of two of the songs that are played most. I love these song. In conclusion, don't miss out on this cute movie. Bad, bad, bad.

    Odysseus - Wikipedia

    Zuhalter 11 February Now, I decided to watch this movie for two reasons But really, this was a bad movie. The script was tedious, unimaginative, and laughably predictable. Don't get me wrong; I know that this was wrote as a "fluff" piece to be shot on a tiny budget. The problem was, that there are movies that make the "fluff" funny and interesting The directing, writing, and acting all combine for what is a unappealing, 84 minute long utter waste of time.

    Avoid this movie if you're not 13, or drunk enough to have trouble focusing your eyesight on the television monitor. The film opens up strongly, but then quickly descends after the "practice" scene. More important for our purposes, though, is a third type of simile, the sort of detail usually missed in the sweep of intense action but arrestingly poignant if we focus on it.

    What follows are three of the best examples. The first captures the ooze of blood from a thigh wound of Menelaos:. But at that time when the woodcutter makes ready his supper in the wooded glens of the mountains, when his arms and hands have grown weary from cutting down the tall trees, and his heart has had enough of it, and longing for food and for sweet wine takes hold of his senses; at the time the Danaans by their manhood broke the battalions. But even so [the Trojans] could not drive panic among the Achaians, but held evenly as the scales which a careful widow holds, taking it by the balance beam, and weighs her wool evenly at either end, working to win a pitiful wage for her children: so the battle fought by both sides were pulled fast and even.

    Many like these could be added. In each of these epic similes Homer juxtaposes battlefield violence with a glimpse of life in the peaceful city. Maybe they arise from his profound genius and his drive to do what all great poetry does—display the cosmos in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour. I think Homer shaped images far removed from the ferocity of his usual beasts and hunts, and removed from the world-bending power of the weather, because he is illustrating the logic of the Tragic Dichotomy. Surely a fleeting subconscious jolt, the sense of something out of place, before the narrative carries us on.

    There is surely more to the tragedy of the Iliad , and to the Tragic Dichotomy in the Iliad , than I have presented. But, in any case, perhaps we have seen enough to be convinced that the Iliad , though not by any stretch a poem of peace, is far more than a poem of force. For one living in the Black Hills he spends all too much time indoors reading, playing folk music, and trying to write poetry. The mission of the CiRCE Institute is to support teachers and parents who want to cultivate wisdom and virtue in their students through the truths of Christian classical education.

    Your gift enables this work. Lewis Lecture Series.

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    Resources back What Is Classical Education? What Is Classical Education? Lewis Lectures. Search form Search. Login Cart 0. Bret Saunders. Jan 24, Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Rationalizing hermeneutics of myth became even more popular under the Roman Empire , thanks to the physicalist theories of Stoic and Epicurean philosophy.

    Stoics presented explanations of the gods and heroes as physical phenomena, while the Euhemerists rationalized them as historical figures. At the same time, the Stoics and the Neoplatonists promoted the moral significations of the mythological tradition, often based on Greek etymologies.