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In such cases you need to think and plan across multiple entities and analyse how best you can help them manage expenses and their assets. Help them plan and grow their wealth to support rising costs and inflation. For example, your parents may have savings but they have not invested them wisely or managed taxes properly. You can help them reduce taxes, and plan their short and long term wealth. They may also have inherited property lying around without paperwork so it cannot be sold or rented.

You can hire a lawyer and help them sort out the paperwork and rent out the property, or sell and invest the savings in high growth asset classes like diversified mutual funds. Health costs are another major source of unexpected increase in expenses that can quickly deplete your savings.


When joining a new company, make sure you understand the group insurance policies. Group policies have larger benefits and simple add-ons that allow you to pay very little but get very high coverage — to the tune of 8 to 10 lakhs across all your dependents. Good policies allow you to cover your parents as well. This is a huge plus especially if your parents are over 65 and don't have a policy of their own.

Indeed, the vertical dashed lines stretching between the top and bottom of Figure 3 show that the quantity of housing demanded at each point is the same in both a and b. The shape of a demand curve is ultimately determined by the underlying choices about maximizing utility subject to a budget constraint.

The budget constraint framework for making utility-maximizing choices offers a reminder that people can react to a change in price or income in a range of different ways. For example, in the winter months of , costs for heating homes increased significantly in many parts of the country as prices for natural gas and electricity soared, due in large part to the disruption caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Some people reacted by reducing the quantity demanded of energy; for example, by turning down the thermostats in their homes by a few degrees and wearing a heavier sweater inside.

Even so, many home heating bills rose, so people adjusted their consumption in other ways, too. As you learned in the chapter on Elasticity , the short run demand for home heating is generally inelastic. Each household cut back on what it valued least on the margin; for some it might have been some dinners out, or a vacation, or postponing buying a new refrigerator or a new car. Indeed, sharply higher energy prices can have effects beyond the energy market, leading to a widespread reduction in purchasing throughout the rest of the economy.

A similar issue arises when the government imposes taxes on certain products, like it does on gasoline, cigarettes, and alcohol. Say that a tax on alcohol leads to a higher price at the liquor store, the higher price of alcohol causes the budget constraint to pivot left, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is likely to decrease. However, people may also react to the higher price of alcoholic beverages by cutting back on other purchases.

For example, they might cut back on snacks at restaurants like chicken wings and nachos. It would be unwise to assume that the liquor industry is the only one affected by the tax on alcoholic beverages. Read the next Clear It Up to learn about how buying decisions are influenced by who controls the household income.

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This program provides a fixed amount of money per child to every family, regardless of family income. Traditionally, the child allowance had been distributed to families by withholding less in taxes from the paycheck of the family wage earner—typically the father in this time period. The new policy instead provided the child allowance as a cash payment to the mother. As a result of this change, households have the same level of income and face the same prices in the market, but the money is more likely to be in the purse of the mother than in the wallet of the father.

Should this change in policy alter household consumption patterns? Basic models of consumption decisions, of the sort examined in this chapter, assume that it does not matter whether the mother or the father receives the money, because both parents seek to maximize the utility of the family as a whole. In effect, this model assumes that everyone in the family has the same preferences.

In reality, the share of income controlled by the father or the mother does affect what the household consumes. These findings suggest that when providing assistance to poor families, in high-income countries and low-income countries alike, the monetary amount of assistance is not all that matters: it also matters which member of the family actually receives the money.

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The budget constraint framework serves as a constant reminder to think about the full range of effects that can arise from changes in income or price, not just effects on the one product that might seem most immediately affected. The budget constraint framework suggest that when income or price changes, a range of responses are possible.

When income rises, households will demand a higher quantity of normal goods, but a lower quantity of inferior goods. When the price of a good rises, households will typically demand less of that good—but whether they will demand a much lower quantity or only a slightly lower quantity will depend on personal preferences. Also, a higher price for one good can lead to more or less of the other good being demanded.

2. Education

Income effects depend on the income elasticity of demand for each good that you buy. If one of the goods you buy has a negative income elasticity, that is, it is an inferior good, what must be true of the income elasticity of the other good you buy? Skip to content Increase Font Size.

Influence and impact

Chapter 6. Mark McCormack is known for being the founder of today's sports marketing industry after building IMG with less than a thousand dollars. His business success has inspired others to learn his skills and techniques to follow in his footsteps. This is one of the entrepreneur startup books that offers straightforward advice that is not taught in the classrooms of business schools.

Have You Thought About These 4 Factors That Affect Your Household Income?

The author uses his own proven methods to teach the reader about people sense, negotiation, sales, understanding other people, and time management. He touches on business deals, common management philosophies that often fail, the best ways to run a meeting, and ways to observe others in a way that will benefit you. Readers say that this is a great book to read if you want to stay one step ahead in business.

It should be a part of any entrepreneur bookstore! The author includes a lot of examples that the reader can relate to in order to help anyone who is interested in business get something out of this book. This success book has helped thousands of people improve their lives with its practical and inspiring advice. The original version has been revised and updated to reflect the constantly changing world. This book helps the reader move from where they are to where they want to be by giving lessons on increasing confidence , overcoming daily challenges, living with a purpose, discovering one's passion, and achieving your goals.

These success principles can easily be adapted to anyone's life, no matter what your final goal is. Readers have found this book on success to be especially motivating due to its focus on changing unproductive habits into productive habits. This is a complete collection of principles that many readers find themselves coming back to year after year as a refresher.

Success Principles has something in it for everyone, so is a great read for people of any background. Leil Lowndes is a psychologist who has made a career helping others to increase their communication skills. She got her passion for communication from the least likely of places.

Advanced Influence

As a child she was so shy and introverted she could not even talk to others. This book gives us 92 surefire communication techniques to use to ensure successful communication with others. From first encounters with others to ways to sway the opinion of those we connect with.

If you want to be a success in life, having the knowledge of some verbal Kung Fu can help you make that leap to success.

20 Must-Read Success Books to Get More From Life

Because the road to success is often not paved with what you know, but how you can represent what you know. Tony Robbins is the Master of self help. In this book he teaches how to succeed in just about every single aspect of life. Business, money, the mind, the body. He imparts solid self help advice to help others achieve success in… well everything. All of these important parts dovetail together and work with each other for you to achieve greater success.

Only when you are at the peak of performance in all categories can you truly be your best self. What makes this success book stand out is how, Tony touches on so much and the stress on how these different aspects of life work together to make the sum of the whole greater than the sum of the parts. The Compound Effect prides itself on including no gimmicks or hyperbole, but rather a method that is based on the principle that one's decisions make up their destiny.

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Small, everyday decisions can lead you to success or failure as they compound into a routine and habits. This success book is an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide that allows the reader to increase their successes, keep track of their progress, and achieve their goals. This might be the right book for you if you are serious about living the best life that you can and are willing to make some small changes.