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McFarlane wrote for the series for over twenty years and is credited with success of the early collection of stories. As the series became more popular, it was pared down, the format changed and new ghostwriters added their own flavor to the stories. Part of the draw of the Hardy Boys is that as the authors changed, so to did the times and the story lines. While there is no one true author of the series, each ghostwriter can be given credit for enhancing the life of this series and never unveiling that there really is no Franklin W.

Franklin W. Continue the series. See more. The Hunt for Four Brothers.

The Caribbean Cruise Caper

Book Danger checks in at a summer resort Summer is starting off swimmingly for Frank, Joe, and Chet as they land jobs at the Konowa Lake Inn, a scenic resort in the mountains of North Carolina. But sure enough, trouble finds its way to the inn—and Joe and Frank are determined to find out why.

A series of mysterious break-ins points to a local recluse and his two fierce-looking dogs. But as Frank and Joe investigate, it seems that almost everyone at the resort has something to hide.

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The strange incidents are somehow connected to the four brothers, a unique group of giant gemstones recently stolen from a museum. Joe and Frank have to survive vicious dog attacks, an angry nest of white-faced hornets, and drowning attempts in Konowa Lake before they can solve this multimillion-dollar case.

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Se1Ep13 The Mystery Of Ghostwriters' Cruise

A Will to Survive. Frank and Joe are an accident waiting to happen when they go undercover to expose sabotage! The Shorewood Nature Center is a beautiful place to hike The Hardys learn that the hard way when they go undercover to investigate strange happenings on the grounds.

In no time at all, they get jumped, smoked out, and booby-trapped. The Lure of the Italian Treasure.

The Caribbean Cruise Caper | Book by Franklin W. Dixon | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

But no sooner does Joe unearth a fabulous cache of jewelry than it vanishes…. The London Deception. Stage fright takes on a whole new meaning when the Hardys go behind the scenes. While on a student exchange program in England, Frank and Joe help out with the dress rehearsal for a new murder-mystery play.

But suddenly Joe is nearly cooked by exploding stage lights! An accident? Rumors are flying about the spirit of an actress who died in the theater one hundred years ago. Could the culprit be a vengeful ghost?

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Or is this the work of something—or someone—a little too close to this world for comfort? Stunt work is dangerous enough, but someone is looking to really push stuntman McCauley over the edge. So when Mr. More featuring detectives. Eye on Crime. Even more suspicious: this is the second store robbery committed by teens in just two days! Tunnel of Secrets. When Frank and Joe set out to explore caves and tunnels, they dig themselves into some dark and dangerous trouble in this Hardy Boys adventure.

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They jump at the chance to investigate; Joe as a member of an urban exploration club, and Frank as photographer for the school paper. Now the city is home to a cultish band of criminals who plan to take over Bayport. Frank and Joe are determined to shut down the crooks, but after being barreled down by a boulder and nearly squashed by a runaway train, they have to wonder: are they in over their heads? The Chase for the Mystery Twister.

The Caribbean Cruise Caper

The Hardy Boys head to Oklahoma, where crime is spinning out of control in the wide-open spaces of tornado alley. Frank and Joe encounter a bizarre phenomenon: the aftermath of a fierce twister that defies scientific explanation. To get at the truth, the Hardys will have to put themselves in the path of destruction—and face the explosive fury of a criminal mastermind.