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Some of us had similar reasons for our anxiety and others were there for different reasons but we all understood how we were all feeling, and ultimately it made us very very close! It was very interesting and different to anything I had ever experienced and I had a moment where the penny dropped and knew what I needed to do in order to change my life. For that I am very very thankful and appreciative to the Linden Method team.


It took a little while and a lot of lifestyle changes to implement the method, but over a few months, I started to notice a massive difference in myself, my family and my life. It was as if I was living a different life.

Living with Emetophobia....My Story

I started to go out to restaurants more often, and to public places. I have decided to become an ambassador for The Linden Method because I want to reach out to people that are in the position that I was in last year. I want to show people that recovery is possible when you use the correct tools. Everyone understands what you are going through and everyone wants to help you.

You will receive unlimited, qualified support from amazing Recovery Specialists when you start the courses. If you wish to book a course, please contact beth thelindencentre.

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I suffered with anxiety and low mood from the age of 12 I am now 20 years old I struggled with Emetephobia and a strong fear of being alone. This prevented me from sleeping in my own bed, I slept next to my mum from the age of twelve up until I went to the four day recovery retreat when I was 19! Family life was terribly affected by my anxiety. It was always the elephant in the room.

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  5. I was beyond nervous. When I arrived, it was scary. Obviously, loved ones are invited to attend the retreat as well, which is very important for them as well as the sufferer. However, as a first step to recovery, I told my dad to stay at home and leave me at the retreat on my own — which was terrifying because I had to stay in a room on my own, and thought that I would have to face my anxiety on my own.

    I was never ever on my own. The staff were wonderful and the people I met were even better. For that I am very very thankful and appreciative to the Linden Method team It took a little while and a lot of lifestyle changes to implement the method, but over a few months, I started to notice a massive difference in myself, my family and my life. I felt comfortable being around little children that could be carrying germs, at the retreat, me and another girl with emetephobia —Lucy — stopped looking at expiry dates, we ate the food we were given without freaking out.

    I have stopped checking to see if my chicken is fully cooked, I am able to do so many different things that have previously been restricted because of the Emetephobia. I am currently in full time work and I am thinking of going travelling in the next few years to different places across the world.

    This was a dream that I thought id never be able to reach and I am extremely excited for it!

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    More trivially, there was fear of travel sickness which was so bad I avoided travelling by aeroplane for 30 years. I am now a Grandmother to three beautiful children, I live in Southern Spain and my dearest wish is to be able to have them come and visit me for holidays. My story is a compelling account of life with a near-debilitating fear and how I managed to keep it a secret for 46 years but through my own shame and not without the understanding and love of my 3rd husband have almost managed to overcome it. I was born in Southampton , Hampshire in but moved away when I was 10 years old as my father was in the police force.

    Living with emetophobia | Time To Change

    I left school in and was lucky enough to start working in a bank. I have more or less worked in finance most of my working life apart from when I was a kitchen manager for Hampshire schools and also ran a public house for a few years. I have three grown sons and now have three grandchildren. When in Cyprus I was the treasurer, shipping agent and general cleaner on a voluntary basis which I found to be extremely rewarding. I also boarded dogs at my home and had a wonderful selection of dogs that used to come for 'doggie hols' on a regular basis and I loved each and every one of them dearly. I spend my time now doing small DIY chores on our lovely old spanish farmhouse , taking care of my dogs , gardening , swimming and generally having a wonderful life while my poor husband works very hard for us and is currently in Portugal. Living With Emetophobia My Story by Caroline Dowdall. Formats Softcover. Book Details.

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