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Kill the Messenger is a refreshing addition to an important national conversation. It asks why we persist in bingeing on stories of Indigenous suffering, but changing nothing. Lui invites the audience to join her on another path. One that insists on the value of laughter, inclusivity and action.

Fierce and often funny, Kill the Messenger swirls with complex currents of anger, indignation, shame and guilt….

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Lui is sharp, funny, passionate and compassionate. Kill the Messenger draws you in and keeps you on your toes. The film stars Jeremy Renner in his first film as a producer. The film was released on October 10, The film opens as San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb interviews drug dealer Ronny Quail, who is outraged that the government used civil asset forfeiture to keep his house even after he was acquitted.

Webb's ensuing article about the abuses of forfeiture garners repeated phone calls from a woman named Coral, whom he agrees to meet when she says she has documents that prove the government sponsored cocaine sales in the U.

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Coral gives Webb a transcript of grand jury testimony normally kept secret which was accidentally released to her boyfriend, an accused drug dealer, during discovery. In Washington, D.

Like many other people that Webb speaks to, Weil warns him that the subject may put him into danger. For good measure, federal agents summon Webb to a meeting where they warn him against publishing what he has learned.

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The paper publishes Webb's story as a three-part series with the title " Dark Alliance "; it is an immediate sensation. Webb views their follow-up reporting as being far too deferential to the CIA.

Eventually, their reporting turns to Webb himself, including an affair he had while working at the Plain Dealer. Webb is banished to the newspaper's Cupertino bureau to cover mundane local news. However, he continues to work on the story. He is awoken in his motel room one night by John Cullen, who is precisely the kind of CIA source with direct knowledge of the scheme that Webb's reporting needs.

Webb's exhilaration at finding Cullen is quickly dampened when the paper reveals its plans to write an open letter calling into question aspects of its "Dark Alliance" reporting. At a Society of Professional Journalists dinner honoring Webb as "Journalist of the Year", he submits his resignation to his editors. On March 5, , Focus Features announced that the film would be released on October 10, Principal photography began on July 16, in several Georgia locations, including Atlanta , Cobb County and Decatur. Nathan Johnson composed the score for the film, [7] and Back Lot Music release a soundtrack album on October 7, Kill the Messenger received a regional theatrical release on October 10, The film has received generally positive reviews from critics.


The site's consensus reads, " Kill the Messenger' s potent fury over the tale of its real-life subject overrides its factual inaccuracies and occasional narrative stumbles. On Metacritic , the film currently has a rating of 60 out of , based on 36 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Several weeks after the Kill the Messenger premiere, the significant lack of advertising for the film and its rapid retraction from theaters led to the creation of a petition to re-release the film in theaters on November 24, through Change.

This petition was also spurred on after Focus Features failed to attend a private screening for the film hosted by the Writers Guild of America in mid-November, despite positive reviews for the film. Through the petition and direct appeals to Focus Features , attention was drawn to the fact that the film distribution company aired more national television commercials for Kill the Messenger six weeks after the premiere date than they did before the film was released in theaters, and almost exclusively outside of primetime hours and off of major broadcasting companies.

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As a result of this marketing campaign, the highest domestic television coverage for Kill the Messenger occurred when it had been retracted from all but 18 theaters in the United States and three weeks before its theatrical run was ended. The petition picked up a strong momentum through social media, accruing over 2, signatures in less than two weeks. In early February, Kill the Messenger was leaked online, and was reportedly among the top ten films with the most unauthorized downloads for several weeks.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kill the Messenger Theatrical release poster. Bluegrass Films The Combine.

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