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Equipment I Use To Run My Vending Machine Business!!

This scenario gives you the most flexibility—you can start with a few machines and expand as opportunities arise and finances permit. It also requires the most legwork—you will need to source and purchase machines, and find and negotiate locations to place them unless you deal with a machine distributor who both sells machines and provides locations. Buying an existing vending machine business or route has the advantage of having immediate cash flow from the existing business. However, it is essential to determine why the owner wishes to sell. Thorough background research into the business is a must, including scrutiny of the accounts, inspection of the machines, examination of existing contracts, and research on the existing locations for possible problems.

Buying a franchise is the easiest way to get into the vending machine business. A franchise gives you the advantage of having an established business model based on vending a particular product or products. Typically, in addition to the startup franchise fee, the franchisor takes a percentage of the profits or a monthly fee. Whichever way you decide the next step should be to write a business plan.

If you don't need financing you can probably get by with a simpler plan—there are different business plans for different purposes. Ideally, you want your machines in places that have plenty of foot traffic, such as malls, large office complexes, schools, airports, in front of stores, etc. In the best case scenario, you want good locations that don't already have vending machines. You will probably find, though, that most of the ideal locations in your area are already taken, and in some cases, the existing vendors will have exclusive contracts with the property owner.

Keep in mind that even with the right location, you need to be vending the right products to be successful. In an obvious example, a candy vending machine outside of a health food store is unlikely to be successful! If you are franchising particular products they may not sell even in a high traffic location if the target market is not suitable. When scouting locations be sure to research crime statistics and avoid areas that have high incidents of theft and vandalism. Damage to or theft from your machines will quickly eat up your profits.

You will have to compensate business or property owners for installing machine s on their premises and using their electricity. This is typically done in the form of a negotiated percentage of your gross sales. Ten to 20 percent is the normal range for commissions, depending on the number and size of the machines. If you are not franchising or purchasing an existing business you will need to acquire one or more machines to get started.

Before doing so you will need to decide on what products you intend to sell and what type of vending machines you want:. Obviously, a significant number of bulk machines would be needed to generate a reasonable amount of revenue. However, the machines do not require refilling as often and are simple to service and repair. These machines sell bottled water and soft drinks.

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Some specialty machines also exist in malls, such as those selling full-size, glass bottles of white and red grape wines and others selling fresh-squeezed orange juice. Due to high labour cost and limited space, vending machines are common in Hong Kong. Majorities of the vending machines are in the public, with some in the shopping centres and schools. The majority of vending machines in Hong Kong are stocked with drinks or snacks.

Some vending machines are also stocked with cases and accessories for mobile phones and cameras, umbrellas, cosmetics, and so forth. The vending machines in Hong Kong allow the customer to pay by cash, credit cards and Octopus cards , a type of smart card. In recent times new luxury vending machines were installed by Signifi Solutions [22] in Macau at a casino called Galaxy. The machines are used to redeem points for items such as electronics and other high cost items.

Vending machines are not very common in India and are usually found only in major cities or along some national highways. Vending machines are used to sell snacks, beverages, condoms, public transit tickets, jewellery, and change for currency notes. Several reasons have been attributed to the lack of success of vending machines in India. The availability of cheap labour makes operating stores or kiosks economical; customers lack of technical knowledge and feel uneasy using vending machines; a lack of machines that accept a wide variety of payment methods; vandalism, rough use, and poor maintenance of the machines.

Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, with about one machine for every twenty-three people. Vending machines are also commonly used in casual restaurants to sell meal tickets, similar to automats : a customer purchases a meal ticket from a vending machine, then presents the ticket to a server, who then prepares and serves the meal. Many vending machines in Japan no longer accept the old style yen coins which were minted between and due to counterfeiting issues; since the yen coin had a similar weight and exactly the same diameter and metal alloy as the South Korean won coin, which at the time was one-tenth of the value, counterfeiters would often use modified won coins in vending machines to make a profit.

A common feature of snack bars in the Netherlands is known as the automatiek or more commonly the automaat and is similar to an automat.

This Is the Only Vending Machine Schools Should Have

It consists of a wall lined with coin-operated machines. Each has a vertical row of little windows, with a usually hot snack behind each, e. Usually the automatiek is part of a larger establishment and will sell a broader range of food and drinks not suitable for vending machines at a counter. Behind the machine is the kitchen where the snacks are prepared, with the little windows being re-supplied from the back.

Automatieks may provide chairs for customers, but it is also common to have seating only for customers buying food at the counter. Sometimes the vending machines are in an outside wall, and no shelter is provided. These vending machines are often located at railway stations or in busy shopping streets.

On his order, many types of vending machines were designed. They were designed to dispense into a glass and equipped with a washing device. The United States is home to the most vending machines in the world, with over 6.

Vending machine A vending machine made in Hero of Alexandria , engineer from Antiquity , who invented an early vending machine. An automatic stamp and postcard vending machine, early 20th century, Japan [4]. Filling and servicing. A newspaper vending machine. A bulk candy machine. Main articles: Bulk vending and Gumball machine.

A full line of vending machines in a hospital cafeteria, including machines for drinks, snacks, and microwaveable foods. Main article: Full-line vending. A live bait vending machine.

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Vending machine for bicycle tubes in Berlin, Germany. Vending machine for art. See also: Obesity in the United States. A typical American snack vending machine. The stamp vending machine of the Vatican Postal Service.

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Pushbutton and touch screen ticket machines in Germany. A Redbox DVD vending machine. Stamp vending machine in the London Heathrow Airport. Selling mobile technology. A fresh-squeezed orange juice vending machine in Haikou , Hainan, China. Cigarette vending machines in Tokyo, with a woman promoting the products.

A Dutch "automatiek".

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