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The archdiocese missed payments to its contractor in the wake of a financial scandal

The State Press also noted that Crow gushed about the project's design and potential benefits during an October editorial board meeting, saying the Village was for a "subset of Greek organizations who want their students to be engaged in a way where they're focused on leadership development.

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The Village doesn't have a swimming pool, modern workout room, or other amenities many off-campus apartments offer for about the same price, he said. Many Greek organizations and their members can't afford the Village, he said. Those who do live there would be required to follow rules of a typical dorm, which will place too many limits on the groups, he said. Worst, according to Bloom, is that Greek organizations may get stuck in long-term leases that require them to keep beds filled with active fraternity or sorority members, and if they can't, there will be "repercussions.

Bloom, who hopes to graduate in May with a degree in public policy and public service, admitted that ASU slapped him with a code-of-conduct violation recently for failing to state on his college application that he attended the University of Arizona before enrolling at ASU three years ago.

He said an investigation began nine days after he started the Change. The mistake was an innocent one, he said: He didn't transfer any credits from the UA, so he didn't put the school on his application. He did talk about his UA experience with his academic adviser, and she logged the detail in her notes, he said. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Rethinking the Athens Apartment Building

Below : A video of architectural renderings showing what the Greek Leadership Village will look like when it opens next year. Plus, a photo of students touring a mock Village room set up by American Campus Communities.

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After many hours of sitting in a room discussing logistics and design, it's so incredible to see our vision coming alive. Even though we won't be here to bask in the glory of our work, you bet we'll be harassing future residents to let us do endless tours. The university and the Greek community work for years to hammer out a deal for a village-type project. ASU expects students to begin moving in by the fall of The Village will feature beds and a separate, multi-million-dollar community center featuring a ballroom and meeting spaces.

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Greek Drama: Construction on WTC Shrine Grinds to a Halt Amidst Financial Scandal

Ray Stern 4. Will the Greek community really want to live there?

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Ray Stern has worked as a newspaper reporter in Arizona for more than two decades. Two such platforms were delivered, assembled and erected at the site under direct supervision of UFS. UFS designed the scaffold for a rated load of 2, pounds, including the weight of workers, equipment, etc. UFS drawings El thru E6 of November, bearing the signature of a professional engineer provided the details of structural steel framing of the scaffold.

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The framing consisted of a 44' long cantilever platform, 6' wide. The cantilever platform was supported by a 36' high vertical truss, also 6' wide. The truss at the top was supported by two outrigger beams spaced at 6' on centers, and supported by two wheel struts spaced at 12' on center on top of the bridge, see Figure 1. To counteract the effects of the cantilever, counterweights were placed on outrigger beams above the bridge floor.

Ionic order - ancient greek architectural orders

The braces at each end were connected by ratchet shoes, see Figure 4, and 5. The steel plate was connected to the bottom flange of the outrigger beams using A bolts. As discussed earlier, the cantilever platform was designed for a total live load of 2, pounds uniformly distributed over the cantilever span, including the weights of all employees and all other miscellaneous weights Figure 2, 3 and 7.

We conducted independent structural analyses to determine the causal factors that could have contributed to the collapse of the scaffold under the loads placed on it immediately before the incident. The following loads were considered in the analysis:. UFS rated the platform for a maximum load of 2, pounds. This was specifically included in the general notes of their contract drawings Figure 3 that "Design load on this work platform is 8 men anywhere on the platform or 2, pounds distributed at 50 pounds per square foot.

A load of approximately 6, pounds was placed on the scaffold that had a rated capacity of only 2, pounds.

Greek columns - ionic doric corinthian orders top view Autocad block

In fact at the time of the incident, workers were continuing to place additional loads on the scaffold until it collapsed. OSHA requires that all scaffolds and components be designed for their dead loads and for four times the intended load without failure. Our structural analysis, however, indicated that the scaffold did not meet the requirements of the OSHA standard.