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A small manualiter prelude, played in a small registration. The recording was done the sampleset, made by Sonus Paradis, of the Transept organ in…. One of the three preludes by Buttstett on "Gottes Sohn ist kkommen". It has the melody in the bass. The recording was done on the new sample set…. The style of this work is very similar to one of the preludes Buttstett wrote for "Gottes Sohn ist kommen". The choral melody is in the bass, the…. This choral prelude is transcribed from manuscript Mus.

The dorian sixth in the first bar is…. After yesterday's prelude that was possibly written by Johann Heinrich Buttstett, follows today a prelude that was definitely written by Buttstett. A simple yet beautiful manualiter prelude of this Lutheran chorale.

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It is set up as a fugue on the first line of the melody of the chorale. The theme….

This choral prelude by Buttstett presents th e choral melody twice. The first time in long notes in the spoprano voice. The second time again in the…. A small prelude by Buttstett, but a fine example of how to elaborate a simple chorale harmonisation into a chorale prelude. The left hand plays the…. Buttstett wrote a fine prelude to "Vom Himmel kam der Engelschar". It start with a solo line that goes up in rapid notes and then descends in a…. Johann Gottfried Neumeister - was a German teacher and organist.

Nowadays Neumeister would have been forgotten if it wasn't for the…. Anonymus Johann Heinrich Buttstett? This… Continue Reading. It is tempting to attribute this piece to Johann Heinrich… Continue Reading. In two other manuscript sources both the… Continue Reading.

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It contains organ… Continue Reading. It is… Continue Reading.

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The recording… Continue Reading. In he became organist… Continue Reading. The recording was done on the sample… Continue Reading.

Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr

However, Bach would not be Bach if he did not sprinkle the music with harmonic seasoning here and there, even in cases like this. The music theorist Athanasius Kircher hit the mark when he wrote that such variation ensures tasty music: after all, we do not want to eat the same food all the time. But BWV seems to be the musical equivalent of an Indian feast!

Was it still the idea to sing along to this?

Georg Bohm: Chorale Prelude, "Allein Gott in der Hoh sei Ehr"

Some experts have their doubts. If you are home alone, turn up the volume and try it!

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